We, the regional leaders of PlantMidwest, blog here regularly with the hope of equipping you in your efforts to plant biblical, missional churches. With over 100 years of collective church-planting experience, we write about the gospel, life, and church planting, but we don’t pretend to have it all figured out. We do, however, hope our successes and our failures might help you keep learning and growing during the months between our quarterly gatherings. Reading this blog is also a great way to stay connected to the ever-changing news and events of PlantMidwest.

IronMen Church Leaders Breakfast

Darren Casper

IronMen are men who are working a job/career to provide for their families while at the same time working to pastor or lead their church. I’ve done this.  Back in the mid 90’s, Kelli was in …

Where Are The New Leaders?

Darren Casper

p3  Prayer Walk in St. Louis (*why) PURSUE lostness PRAY for leaders in the harvest PLANT and strengthen churches   Monday, April 16   10:55a – 11:55a – Prayer Walk 12:30p -1:30p  Debrief Lunch @ SLMBA (optional) RSVP here for lunch! …

It’s Not A Prosperity Gospel Message

Darren Casper

  But pastors and leaders in the church should and must teach on the blessing of giving and generosity. The reality is that giving is down across the board in evangelical churches.  I’m sure there are many reasons for this: …

Prayer Is The Way

Darren Casper

PlantMidwest is a Spirit dependent church planting network deeply rooted in a common faith in the power of the Gospel and God’s gift of prayer. Oswald Chamber said that we should not view prayer as the preparation for the …

p3 – Prayer Walking This Monday

Darren Casper

This Monday!  March 7 @ 10:55a  Leader, I know about …

The Hope Of Every Neighborhood And People

Darren Casper

Last night felt surreal.  I had been out of town …

Is it a satellite? Is it a campus? Nah, it’s a church…

Jason Zellmer

Almost 2 years ago the church that I …