We, the regional leaders of PlantMidwest, blog here regularly with the hope of equipping you in your efforts to plant biblical, missional churches. With over 100 years of collective church-planting experience, we write about the gospel, life, and church planting, but we don’t pretend to have it all figured out. We do, however, hope our successes and our failures might help you keep learning and growing during the months between our quarterly gatherings. Reading this blog is also a great way to stay connected to the ever-changing news and events of PlantMidwest.

Pie, John McCain, Rabbis and Imams

Darren Casper

I have a lasting memory of a deacons’ meeting as a young pastor many years ago.The meeting took place in the living room of a deacon’s home. The meeting became pretty intense as I was trying to lead some significant …

Revoice ’18 – Truth and Love

Darren Casper

Many of you are aware of that I attended the Revoice conference here in St. Louis dealing with human sexuality, Biblical marriage and our LGBTQ neighbors.  I knew from the moment I registered that I would walk away …

Planting the Gospel on College Campuses: Where to Begin?

Kale Uzzle

This August, more than 100,000 college students will begin attending …

Prophetic Voices Against The Sin of Indifference

Darren Casper

We need them!  We need men and women who aren’t afraid to speak up, stand up for the poor, the lonely, the orphan. There is something going on in society, something even within the church that is shutting off the …

Planting Seeds…

Darren Casper

About a year ago or so, Kale Uzzle was working for a fantastic ministry to college students.  I have known Kale for several years as our wives have served in SLPS together and we have collaborated on some ministry projects.

St. Louis and Martin Luther King Jr.

Darren Casper

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. answers questions at a press conference before his speech at Saint Louis University in 1964. Last week, along with other African American and Caucasian pastors from Saint Louis …

IronMen Church Leaders Breakfast

Darren Casper

IronMen are men who are working a job/career to provide for their families while at the same time working to pastor or lead their church. I’ve done this.  Back in the mid 90’s, Kelli was in …

Where Are The New Leaders?

Darren Casper

p3  Prayer Walk in St. Louis (*why) PURSUE lostness PRAY for leaders in the harvest PLANT and strengthen churches   Monday, April 16   10:55a – 11:55a – Prayer Walk 12:30p -1:30p  Debrief Lunch @ SLMBA (optional) RSVP here for lunch! …