Where Are The New Leaders?

Posted on 03/14/2018 by Darren Casper


 Prayer Walk in St. Louis (*why)

PURSUE lostness
PRAY for leaders in the harvest
PLANT and strengthen churches

Monday, April 16  
10:55a – 11:55a – 
Prayer Walk

12:30p -1:30p 

Debrief Lunch @ SLMBA (optional)

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* Why? – Each of these locations has been carefully selected.  We either have some form of Gospel preaching work already started there or we would like to.  Either way these locations need leaders, harvesters, missionaries.  What did Jesus say?  What was His leadership, His command?  When you see that the harvest is great but workers are few, ask God.  That’s what we are going to do.  I hope you’ll be able to give an hour to ask God.
Join us at one of these four locations!  – Be there by no later than 10:55a.
  • North County – meet at Word Church, 191 Anistasia Drive, 63135 – Ulysses Ross  314-651-3884 Rik Maxedon 314-303-7083
  • Lindenwood Park – meet at Lindenwood Baptist, 6932 Lansdowne, 63109 – Mike Hubbard 314-368-1815 Jason Zellmer 636-734-8037
  • South Broadway – meet at Broadway Baptist, 3662 South Broadway, 63118 – Michael Byrd 314-972-3357 Curtis Gilbert 618-567-9311
  • Columbus Square – meet at grassy field, corner of O’Fallon & 9th, 63106 – Jeff Lunn 314-330-2862 Kale Uzzle 618-713-4293 Jeff Lunn