Prophetic Voices Against The Sin of Indifference

Posted on 05/25/2018 by Darren Casper

We need them!  We need men and women who aren’t afraid to speak up, stand up for the poor, the lonely, the orphan.

There is something going on in society, something even within the church that is shutting off the compassion of man toward another man.

It is the sin of indifference. The lack of compassion for the broken, hurting inner city. The giving in to fear, apathy, complacency toward our neighbor who comes to this country, to our city, and to the neighborhood where you may go a dinner night out or the neighborhood you drive by on the way to a downtown sporting event.

We are absolutely about planting churches, but we at the same time about mobilizing the church to love all people, not just from our pulpits and with our words, but with action and deeds.

Read this article.

Yes we take statistics from secular news organizations with a grain of salt, but make no mistake, there is something to this and it is both sad and frightening. After you read the article, check out The Good Neighbor Initiative at