IronMen Church Leaders Breakfast

Posted on 03/16/2018 by Darren Casper


IronMen are men who are working a job/career to provide for their families while at the same time working to pastor or lead their church.

I’ve done this.  Back in the mid 90’s, Kelli was in school and I was working for a healthcare company while planting a church that met in several different locations.  I have so much respect for these guys.  You get up in the morning, go work an 8-10 hour day, come home spend some time with the family, make a few calls to your church members and then work on your sermon for the upcoming Sunday.

IronMen are the future for planting and replanting churches in my opinion.  We are living in a changing culture, an increasingly post Christian society.  Fewer and fewer churches are going to be able to live off of evangelicals moving from church to church.  We must plant churches where the evangelical aren’t.  That means IronMen.  Ed Stetzer recently wrote about this saying, “we can find similar explosions in overseas fields like Asia and Africa. And we also see it in the Pentecostal movement earlier in the last century. Or, the Vineyard, Calvary Chapel, and Hope Chapel movemnets in the 70s and 80s.”  Why not a movement like this in St. Louis?  I am asking God for it.

You cannot fund a true, spirit led church planting movement.   This must be a God thing of seeing men raised up, praying for men like this, men who will work a job, have a career, and then plant or pastor a church.   This is the future and we at Plant Midwest and the Saint Louis Metro Baptist Association want to support these IronMen.

If this is you or you know a guy like this, if you are interested in knowing more… Zach Treadway and I want to invite you to the IronMen breakfast meeting on April 21, 8:30a until 10:00a at Tower Grove Baptist Church.  There is no cost but you must register by sending an rsvp email with your name, church name to Jen Maxedon –