Darren Casper // Executive Director

Casper Family

Darren grew up in a small town deep in Southern Illinois; his Boomer Sooner wife Kelli, in Oklahoma. They have been married twenty-five plus years and have lived in the St. Louis area for that entire time. They have planted two churches together in St. Louis, one in the county and one in the south city neighborhood of Bevo Mill.  Darren has personally been involved in missions and church planting in ten different countries throughout the world.  Kelli is a principal at Mullanphy Elementary (St. Louis Public Schools) in the Shaw Neighborhood. They have two sons, Jordan and Zac.

Darren is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Apart from his love for Christ, God’s church, and his family, Darren enjoys college sports, golf, hunting, and watching Indy Cars racing at 220+ mph.



Jason Zellmer // Associate Director

Zellmer FamilyJason is a native of St. Charles, Missouri, but spent most of his childhood years living in Texas and Oklahoma where his father was an SBC pastor. Shortly after moving back to Missouri in 2000, Jason met his wife Heather. Three weeks later he asked her to marry him, and within five years the newlyweds produced four rambunctious kids (they are still trying to catch up on lost sleep!). In 2005 Jason planted Matthias’ Lot Church with his long-time friend Marc Sikma. Four years later he planted Peine Ridge Church. He is also the founder of Saint Louis FamilyCamp and the co-founder of PlantMidwest.

Jason is a graduate of Lindenwood University and is continuing his education at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Outside of loving Jesus and leading his family, Jason enjoys running, reading, coaching baseball, and hunting with his boys.