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I received this today and wanted to pass it on to you guys, illustrating the power of connecting in the network.


Just wanted to drop you a note about our experience at the most recent PlantCHICAGO Quarterly as part of PlantMIDWEST

I have found that our presence at gatherings of church planters is usually the best way for us to meet new partners and share our concept. The networking opportunities that these events provide are great for church planters and those involved with church planting in general. We find that when we can meet face to face with planters to share what we offer, they are generally very quick to come on board!

I had never met Dhati Lewis before and probably would not have had the opportunity to connect with him otherwise. At the Chicago Gathering, I was not only able to meet up with Dhati, but when I explained what our concept does to help church plants, he quickly jumped on board and brought his organization along. We are now getting setup to partner with them providing our Simple Church Accounting, Virtual Receptionist and Online Giving services to the Rebuild Network.  I owe that connection 100% to my time at the PlantCHICAGO gathering.

 I’m very thankful to PlantMIDWEST and the opportunities it has provided me to network with other planters, as well as for planters to see what other guys are doing to help build churches to reach their communities with the Gospel. I look forward to working together in the future to help support the plants that are a part of plantMIDEST!

Josh Henry, Managing Partner                                                                                                         The Axess Network Companies

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