They’ve Got More Than Great Barbecue!

Welcome aboard plantKC!  When people think of Kansas City, a lot of folks think of great barbecue joints.  But that’s not all they have in the western metroplex of Missouri.  They have city neighborhoods, suburbs, and surrounding towns that are in need of healthy, spiritually vibrant churches.

plantKC is led by a solid crew of guys, like John Mark Clifton and Jason Allen.  Both of these dudes are hands on missionaries; guys who have and are planting churches.  plantKC is a team committed to apostolic evangelism, committed to the never changing Gospel in an ever changing culture.  Maybe you know of some leads in the Kansas City area that might be of help to plantKC and their church planting vision?  Maybe you know someone in that part of the state or someone wanting to move to that part of the state who would like to be a part of a church planting team?

Check out the above “regions” link to get contact information and find out more about the leadership team of plantKC, as well as information about their upcoming events here on the right panel of the plantMIDWEST site.  Welcome aboard plantKC and pass the sauce!

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