The Greatest Need In Church Planting Today

The Primary Issue In Saturating Cities With The Gospel and Planting Churches…

…is finding God-called men.  It’s not that we don’t have targeted locations, not that we don’t have funds available or existing churches that want to help; what we need are “laborers for the harvest.”  We need leaders, preachers of God’s glorious gospel who want to gather people and make disciples. And what did Jesus say we should do?  Ask.  It’s pretty simple, often times we have not, because we ask not.

I want to encourage you leader to gather people to do this very thing, ASK!   Ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers to your city.  All you need is a quiet room set up conducive for pastors, leaders, and laity to pray in faith, pray in the Spirit, pray boldly.

Then pray, pray God would send great workers for the harvest, for the advancement of God’s Gospel, and the spread of the fame of JESUS name! Friends, our cities need a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I believe, no I know, the Word teaches us to ask!

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