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Learn. Pray. Connect…. from Montreal.

You may know by now that this is the goal of our plant MIDWEST gatherings; to bring leaders together to learn, pray, and connect all around the mission of making JESUS name known throughout the MIDWEST.  Your attendance, your partnership, your desire to see men CONNECT under the banner of the Gospel is important; believe that!  It makes a difference…

plantCHICAGO had their first gathering last week.  Tim Cotler and his team had a solid turnout of nearly seventy leaders from the greater Chicagoland area.  JZ, Ryan, and The Great Romance went up from St. Louis following the gathering in St. Charles on Monday night and I’ve heard nothing but great things from this event!

One of the examples of CONNECTing that I was so glad to hear about from the plant ST. LOUIS gathering was the meeting of planters Kenny Petty (The Gate in U City) and Jarvis James (TBOC).  I’ve known Kenny for a good while, having most recently attended their pre-launch service at New City a few weeks ago.  I’m getting to know Jarvis.  Jarvis is a big old teddy bear of a dude, originally from Louisiana.  Jarvis loves Jesus and wants to make Him known by planting a church in the city.  He is currently interning at the “Have Bible Will Travel” church in the Westport area.  HBWT was planted a few years back as somewhat of a biker church, now it’s just a church for all kinds of people, a church running around 700 on Sunday mornings.  Their pastor is Pat Rankin.  Pat is a man’s man kind of guy, you know… “the mold was broken with him” kind of guy.  Man do I love him because he loves Jesus, he loves people, and he loves pastors.   At plantSTLOUIS last week, Jarvis and Kenny got to meet each other.  They’ve since talked some more about how they can work with and help each other.  This is huge!  This is connecting…

As I write today, I’m in Montreal, Quebec Canada.  I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out up here with two great Acts 29 planters Dwight and Marc, as well as Jason Allen and John Mark Clifton from the KC area.  We are up here talking with these guys about how they can be a part of the SEND North America strategy.   I’m encouraged.  I think it’s going to happen.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see the equivalent of a plantQUEBEC taking place up real soon through the partnership of people like you.  Quebec and French Canadians are the largest unreached people group in all of North America.  By God’s grace and power, I pray that we will all CONNECT in God’s never changing Gospel to make the name of Jesus great in this beautiful old city.


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