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May 7th | St. Louis


PlantMidwest is a gospel-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered, church-planting movement that helps leaders gather to learn, pray, and connect.

Right now—at this very moment—there are movements taking place: spiritual movements, Jesus movements, movements orchestrated and empowered by God the Father to take His gospel to a fast-changing world. While the world changes, His gospel never does, and it is His gospel that contains the power to transform a person as well as a city.

Movements are happening in places like Middle India, China, and other Asian regions. We ask, “Why not here?” We desire to see a similar movement here in the urban, suburban, and small town populations that make up the Midwest.

Movements involve all kinds of people, from the strong and the weak to the most gifted or the most willing vessels who simply say, “Here am I Lord. Send me!” There are no superstars; only our hero, Jesus, and His story. We are His team players cooperating together with a vision for planting authentic Baptist churches that preach the gospel, observe the biblical ordinances of regular communion and baptism, and make disciples.

PlantMidwest exists to encourage and equip all those participating in these movements here at home in the Midwest. To that end, we host quarterly meetings for church planters, potential planters, pastors of established churches, leaders, and street missionaries from various regional gatherings and associations throughout Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, and Nebraska. We identify with the historic principles of partnership and cooperation that were essential in building the Southern Baptist Convention.

Media Resources

One of the ways we help church planters learn is by providing high quality media from our past quarterly gatherings. We pray the media you find here will increase your love for Jesus and help equip you to be a missionary in whatever context God has placed you in.

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IronMen Church Leaders Breakfast

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p3  Prayer Walk in St. Louis (*why) PURSUE lostness PRAY for leaders in the harvest PLANT and strengthen churches   Monday, April 16   10:55a – 11:55a – Prayer Walk 12:30p -1:30p  Debrief Lunch @ SLMBA (optional) RSVP here for lunch! …

It’s Not A Prosperity Gospel Message

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  But pastors and leaders in the church should and must teach on the blessing of giving and generosity. The reality is that giving is down across the board in evangelical churches.  I’m sure there are many reasons for this: …